How to Stream on YouTube Using OBS Studio

In This Post i Show you How to Stream on YouTube Using OBS Studio. Well, it’s very easy just follow the steps below. YouTube Gaming is just a fancy UI and App for the Stream now BETA. So if you want to stream to YouTube Gaming just use the Stream now BETA. Make sure you set the category to gaming. You might also want to set a game. YouTube Gaming doesn’t seem to list all live streams on the Live site. People that follow you on YouTube live should still be able to find you in the right sidebar and (maybe) in the listing of the game you set if the game doesn’t have too much live streams.


  • Google Account with YouTube Channel
  • Might be necessary that your account is in good standing

How to Stream on YouTube Using OBS Studio

  • First Enabling live streaming.
  • Open up and click on your Avatar. You should find the “Creator Studio” there. Click it.
  • On the left side of your screen click on LIVE STREAMING.
  • On this page you will find a big blue button saying “Get started”. Click it
  • If your account isn’t already verified you will now have to verify it. Follow the steps on the page here.
  • When you got successfully through the validation process you should see this. Just click Continue here.
  • Your channel should now be enabled for live streaming.

Setting up basic info (Stuff that you might want to change every stream)

  • You should now get to the following page.
  • There is not that much to change here so let us go through it.
  • You can set the Stream title, Description and Category here.
  • If you have selected Gaming you can also define a game.

Other interesting stuff is in the stream options tab.

  • Enable DVR Viewers will be able to seek back up to 4 hours while you are streaming
  • Make archive unlisted when complete (makes the recorded Video unlisted so that nobody can find it by default)
  • Optimize for interaction (low latency) Interesting for chat interaction (still relatively high delay)
  • Optimize for less viewer buffering (even Higher Delay but in theory people should have less buffer issues. Also you can add up to 60 seconds delay if you need so.)

We also have the Advanced settings here (not gonna explain them in detail here).
The advanced settings offer basically the same options as the event based stuff.

I will only explain how to use the Simple Output Mode here.

Open up the OBS Settings and go to Stream.

  • Stream Type > Streaming Services
  • Service > YouTube
  • Server > Primary Youtube ingest server
  • Stream key > Copy the Stream name/key from the YouTube page into this field. Click the Reveal button for that where it says ENCODER SETUP.

Next up open the Output settings.

I’m only explaining the Simple Output Mode here.

YouTube recommends the following bitrate settings for the following resolutions:

For Audio I recommend using 160 Kbps.

Next up open the Video settings.

Set the FPS to 30 or alternatively to 60 (your base resolution / scaled resolution must be 1280×720 or 1920×1080 to have 60 FPS working)

You’re now done with settings up OBS. Click the Start Streaming Button in OBS and have some patience.

YouTube will inform you about the stream status on the top of the page. Click the Stop Streaming Button in OBS.

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