How to Stream on Periscope Using OBS Studio

In this post i show you How to Stream on Periscope Using OBS Studio. Method is very simple all you need is follow the below steps.

How to Stream on Periscope Using OBS Studio

  • You need to have access to Periscope Producer. You can go to this link to apply for it:
  • Go to your Periscope profile. Scroll down and click the ‘Settings’ menu.
    Click the ‘Advanced Sources’ menu to set your live stream options
  • Copy the info from your Periscope settings to the Stream settings in OBS Studio.
  • URL = Primary Server
  • Stream key = Stream name
  • Click on ‘Start Streaming’ in OBS Studio. When you do, you’ll have an option to preview your video in Periscope.

Go back to your Periscope account to preview the video and enter all necessary information needed.
Click ‘Start Broadcast’ when ready to go live and ‘Stop Broadcast’ when you’re done.

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