How to Connect OBS Classic to Restream

Here i show you How to Connect OBS Classic to Restream. is the best way to multistream video live across all streaming platforms. Restream Lets You Stream Your Gaming Sessions To Multiple Video Sites At Once.

Here i Show you How to Connect OBS to Restream lot of users have expressed that OBS Classic no longer connects to Restream Servers. If you experience this issue, please upgrade to OBS Studio and follow the guide.

How to Connect OBS Classic to Restream

This guide is for OBS Classic.

1. Log into the Restream Dashboard and select the server closest to your location from the drop down menu on the right pane.

How to Connect OBS Studio to Restream

2. Take note of your RTMP URL and Stream Key.

3. Launch OBS Classic.

4. Choose “Settings” from the toolbar and then select “Settings.

5. Choose “Broadcast Settings” from the right side navigation menu and select “Live Stream” from the “Mode” drop down menu.

6. Select “Custom” from the “Streaming Service” dropdown menu. Enter the RTMP URL from Step 2 into the “FMS URL” text field and your Stream Key from Step 2 into the “Play Path/Stream Key (if any)” text field.

7. Choose “OK” and Restream is setup with OBS Classic.

OBS Classic is now setup to work with Restream.


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